Fitness Regimes

Stretching, rolling, eating lots and consistency is key!

Leg Day: 

Five 30sec sprints on the highest level possible without falling and 2.5% incline with 30sec breaks in between

First circuit

  • 6×5 135lbs squats super set w/
  • 12×5 40lbs good mornings super set w/
  • 12×5 25lbs side glute raises in between

Second circuit

  • 6×4 135lbs sumo deadlifts super set w/
  • 12×4 body weight one legged calf raises

Third circuit

  • 12×5 185lbs hip thrusts super set w/
  • 12×5 20lbs one arm db chest press in bridge super set w/
  • 4minx4 5lbs various shoulder exercises


  • 6×4 400lbs leg press
  • 12×3 320lbs leg press

Arm Day:

First circuit

Five 30sec sprints on the highest level possible without falling and 2.5% incline with 30sec breaks in between

  • 12×3 20lbs sitting shoulder press super set with
  • 12 x3 20lbs chest press
  • 12×3 15lbs tricep pulldown
  • 12×3 leg raises w/ body weight

Second circuit

  • 12×3 77lbs rop lat pull down behind your head
  • 3 min 5lbs various shoulder rotations
  • 12×3 15lbs sitting single arm bicep curls

Third Circuit 

  • 10×3 66lbs lat pull down super set with
  • 5x 66lbs single arm lat pull down
  • 12×3 10lbs anterior delt flyes
  • 12×3 25lbs Shoulder plate rotations (

Quick Leg Day

Warm-up with cardio, glute activation band moves and stretching.

First Circuit

  • 12×3 35lbs jumping Bulgarian split squats off bench super set with
  • 12×3 35lbs  jump squats superset with
  • 12×3 100lbs barbell hip trust off bench

Second Circuit 

  • 1 min x 3 25lbs wall sit. At the 20 second pint, lift left leg, the put down after 10 seconds. repeat with right leg. Continue for the remaining 40 seconds regular weighted wall sits.
  • 12×3 350lbs leg press super set with
  • 10×3 alternating jump lunged with body weight,


HIIT/Circuit Workout:

Stretching: Key is to make it Dynamic not Static! 6 or less seconds!

-3x6seconds each side standing quad stretch (grab ankle not foot)

-10 big arms circles forward 10 backward

-3×6 seconds each side lunge hip stretch

-3×6 calf stretch against wall

Body or light weight:

-2 laps upstairs

– high knees moderate-fast pace 30 seconds

-butt kicks moderate-fast pace 30 seconds

– 10 body weight squats to warm up legs

-10 forward lunges each leg and push back to standing

For groups: split up, around 10 people per station, make sure you start at different equipments or exercises in your circuit to get all the exercises done. You have 3 min at each circuit–

Circuit 1: strength

-10 push ups

-10 inverted rows

-1 min plank

-20 sit ups

Circuit 2: cardio

-20 jumping jacks

-20 mountain climbers (moving both knees is 1 rep)

-(5-10) burpees with push up optional

Circuit 3: strength

– 10 squats with weight (barbell, dumbbell, medicine ball, kettle bell)

– 10 rotating wood/axe chop (10 each side) with dumbbell

-10 military press with dumbbells

-5 each arm plank with dumbbell row

Circuit 4: cardio

-10 speed skaters

-10 jump squats

– 20 leg lifts

Cool Down